Lost Boys Garage



Lost Boys’ Garage pays homage to friends who play together no matter how old they are and whose relationships have stood the test of time. We’re your neighborhood watering hole, a comforting and inviting gathering place where guests are greeted as they walk through the door. We are a small local business with a close knit staff. We think of our staff as family and know they will do the same for our guests. The Lost Boys’ would not be here without the amazing people around us!



We have dreamed of a place where Lost Boys' (and Lost Ladies' of course) of our group, and those we have yet to meet,can gather and play! Our promise to you is that you will find our commitment to service unparalleled, our food amazing, and our libations refreshing. You are the reason we are here. Come often and relax easy. 

Lost Boys Garage



Order Lost Boys from any of the following food delivery services. We are only available in select ares of Spokane. Call us and order over the phone for pick up.

Please Note: Prices may vary when you dine in versus ordering from a third party.